A Concert Series (2015)

A Concert Series presented a run of carefully curated gigs throughout Sheffield – two in an old shop front, one in a city centre art gallery. These nights exhibited Hand Of’s finest selection of home-grown artists spanning genres and cities across The Midlands and The North. We like to think of them as affectionate, multimedia notes to Sheffield and its people.

A Concert Series 1 featured bluegrass from Amit and Eleanor Dattani, alongside cabaret folk from Be Still My Heart.

A Concert Series 2 challenged Ismar Badzic to shoot and edit interviews with each of the artists while they set up, to be screened before they performed. Those interviews can be seen by clicking here. The evening features beautiful improvisation from Otto Willberg, who later also performed alongside Laurie Tompkins, on double bass, upturned bin, and pieces of local brick and slate.

The finale of A Concert Series 3, Fleck Flob Flop or, Pieces of Love, Death and Difference, is a live typed-text piece from Joe Snape, Almost Credible Music, and Sarah Hill. The evening also followed a series of workshops led by composer Andy Ingamells, culminating in ‘Or Are We Dancer?’, a warped take on school discos in which the composers danced with the music itself, by the means of speakers on wheels.