Other Events

In 2011 Hand Of adopted about 300 kilograms of brushed walnut, ivory, strings and hammers. We really love our piano. Keys & Teas offered any keen piano players – from beginners to the silly-good – the chance to come and practice whenever they like, for however long. We even made tea.

In 2012, Graham, a quartet of London whippersnappers, provided us with more than a healthy dose of laughs with their brilliant sketch show Graham Rex.

“I have not seen this show” Simon Amstell

In 2014, we collaborated with Sheffield-based comedy troupe Sam & Tom! on a series of events called Boondoggle. These showcases of the finest comedy in the North included Sam & Tom themselves, Peter Brush, Madii Shann, software consultancy firm Foxdog Studios, Sean Morley, and Chortle Award winners Gein’s Family Giftshop.

“Theirs is a dark and sinister comic world” The Guardian

85 years since the Wall Street Crash, the party hard spirit of recession returned at our 2015 night Flapper, bringing the legendary parties of the 1920s right into the modern day.

We threw out the sound system and replaced it with the magnificent Great Yorkshire Dance Orchestra, left New York behind and relocated to the gorgeous 99 Mary Street, put on our finest silvers, and danced the night away. There were even semi-professional dancers on hand to help with those ‘20s moves.

The decorations for the event were provided by the fantastically worthy cause that is Emmaus.