The Illustrious One (2013)

The Illustrious One was Hand Of’s first large scale commission, a contemporary ballet for electronics and a collaboration between a student writer, five contemporary ballet dancers and two electro-acoustic musicians.

To the sound of Alex Wright and Tom Rozwadowski’s fizzing electronics, writer Jack Browne and choreographer Deniz Atli retold Brecht’s fable The Good Person of Szechwan with affecting grace. The performance watched the story’s protagonist, the ‘Prostitute’, fall from happy naivety to tragic cynicism as her hopes and dreams disintegrated.

All the while, Wright and Rozwadowski packed the space with their bittersweet electronics. The composition varied from crackling beats to moving piano melodies, all played completely live on a vast set-up.

Thanks to all artists and performers: Alex Wright, Tom Rozwadowski, Jack Browne, Deniz Atli, David Kam, Sophie Owen, Laura Howells and Ruth Greenhill.