Enriching education through heritage and the arts.

Hand Of is a charity that gives children and young people unique creative opportunities to work alongside professional artists, musicians, archivists, academics and more.

Our projects harness the arts, heritage and education sectors to create a cultural education, which allows children and young people to create artistic responses to their experiences and understanding of the places they call home.

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Recording the North Tyneside Sound Walk.


Through Hand Of, children have the opportunity to create amazing things together with internationally performing and exhibiting musicians and artists.

Creating visual art during the North Tyneside Sound Walk


Our projects are bespoke creations for every location we work in, allowing children to engage creatively with the shared local heritage of their community.

Learning about palaeography at The Unprecedented Case


We believe that learning is a chance to explore, discover and shape the world around us, and we are committed to empowering children who need support on their educational journeys.

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Every purchase you make will help us to create more opportunities for the children and schools we work with.

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