What We Do

Hand Of is an arts platform dedicated to supporting and enriching local communities through organising and programming interdisciplinary arts projects and events. Our central aim is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and inspiration through workshops and outreach work with educational institutions, heritage locations and arts organisations. In doing this, we also provide opportunities for both new and established artists. We aim to reach young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and in areas of low cultural engagement, as well as specifically school children on the SEND register.

We aim:
– To commission, facilitate and participate in new and exciting arts activities.
– To enrich our projects with outreach work within local communities and young people.
– To work in partnership with public bodies, other cultural organisations, local businesses, local communities to widen the reach of our projects.
– To provide opportunities for new artists as well as established ones.
– To make our events accessible to everyone, including those who might not normally experience them.
– To explore interdisciplinary, intercultural, and intergenerational approaches to creating and experiencing art.