Children say…

“I feel better in myself now”

“I’m proud of getting out of my comfort zone”

“I’m proud of working with a real band to make amazing music”

“I never thought I would do sound editing and now I want to do Media Studies for GCSE.”

“I feel a lot better about going to Year 9 now, cause i’ve made new friendships.”

“The last two weeks have taught me resilience. I can do things I thought I couldn’t.”

Children taking a bow at the end of the Atlantic The Mersey & Me project
Staff enjoying the museums of Liverpool

Teachers say…

“There is no doubt that we would do this again – it was socially and culturally enriching for both students and teachers.”

“The fact that students, teachers, and facilitators were described as colleagues gave students more confidence in their own ideas and ability.”

“The planning was meticulous, each day was different and exciting, the team ensured every child was included at all times.”

“Our children took part in something that they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Artists say…

“I feel like Hand Of’s approach to teaching and learning is the most effective I’ve ever been part of. It feels like a meaningful and intensive residency for both artists and children.“
– Martin Thomson, Musician and Composer

”Every single idea is heard and nothing is ever thrown away. There are no boxes or limitations and I feel very fortunate to work with this charity regularly.”
– Hannah James, Visual Artist and Designer

“I love working with Hand Of. I value their ethos and approach. They care about every person involved and every detail. The professional intent and quality of the work has a direct impact on how participants engage.”
– Rachel Warr, Theatre Director

Artists and children performing in Liverpool Central Library
Conservators at Liverpool Record Office teach children about preserving historic artefacts

Partners say…

“Collaborating with Hand Of enables me to participate in far more sophisticated and diverse work with children, in which my contribution can focus on my scientific expertise. It fosters innovative methods of transferring knowledge and inspiration from the University to the community.”
– Chris Hales, former Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow in Astrophysics, Newcastle University

“Working with Hand Of continues to be an opportunity to reach a new audiences and is an exciting way to show children the roles that Parliament has played in shaping people’s lives.”
– David Prior, Head of Public Services and Outreach, Parliamentary Archives