Coastal Explorations 2022

Coastal Explorations is an in depth journey around the North East’s breathtaking coastline. It is a multi-layer project in which Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 students from a number of schools work together to create a professional standard, large format, live performance.

Over seven months students take part in fortnightly workshops with musicians and visual artists, exploring the history, geology, politics and people of the Northumbrian coastline. Some of these workshops take place in different locations along the coast, allowing students to embrace all of their senses as they gather inspiration and knowledge for their final performance.

Students transcribe the sounds of the birds, record the sound of the waves and draw the shapes of rock formations. They talk to people protecting historic buildings and ships on the coast, decipher early English inscriptions in ancient monasteries, and listen to what life was like through old Northumbrian folk songs.

All of these experiences, and more besides, feed into the creation of a live multi-media performance, which features music, visuals and spoken word.