North Tyneside Sound Walk

The North Tyneside Sound Walk is a student-led interactive guide to the North Tyneside coast, drawing attention to the sights, sites and sounds of different locations around the place that they call home. The Sound Walk showcases the smallest, biggest, loudest and quietest parts of the students’ community, through art and music.

The North Tyneside Sound Walk is a transition project, working with incoming Y7 students over an intensive two-week period in the summer holidays. Students work together with around 10 artists, musicians, producers and archivists to uncover stories from the history of North Tyneside.

Inspired by these stories, the students develop a sound walk made up of three chapters. They also work together to produce a visual art exhibition to accompany the launch of their sound walk.

Their work includes researching and making field recordings; devising, writing and editing scripts; composing and performing music for the soundtrack to their walk; creating Foley; mixing and editing their recordings using sound editing software; and designing and creating visual art.

Each Sound Walk can be streamed on Spotify, downloaded free from Bandcamp, or bought on CD from the Hand Of web shop. Follow the links below to find out more about Sound Walks from different years.