North Tyneside Sound Walk

In partnership with the North Tyneside Learning Trust, the Parliamentary Archives, and Nexus (Tyne & Wear Metro), the North Tyneside Sound Walk sees Year 9 children from 3 secondary schools working together to create a unique resource for visitors to their local area.

Over two weeks, the children work together with artists, musicians, teachers, archivists and more, to uncover stories from the history of North Tyneside.

Inspired by these stories, the children develop three sound walks, and visual art for an exhibition in a local art gallery. Their work includes:

  • Planning their sound walks and the different sounds they want to capture for inclusion;
  • Devising, writing and editing scripts;
  • Creating fiction and non-fiction stories;
  • Presenting and recording, both in a professional recording studio and making field recordings on the walks;
  • Composing and performing music for the soundtrack to their walk, including creating Foley;
  • Mixing and editing their recordings using sound editing software;
  • Designing and creating visual art.

The 3 chapters of the North Tyneside Sound Walk will be made available from participating Metro stations for the public to experience, as well as online and through streaming platforms.

Researching the sound walks in North Tyneside.
Creating artwork for the North Tyneside Sound Walk.
Works in progress on the North Tyneside Sound Walk

In partnership with

In partnership with the Tyne & Wear Metro and the Parliamentary Archives.