The Northumberland Space Programme

In partnership with Woodhorn Museum, the University of Newcastle and Northumberland National Park, The Northumberland Space Programme brings together experimental composer Andy Ingamells and c.30 local SEND, PPG and/or EAL school children.

Together, Andy and the pupils set off on a journey to explore space and history. They create a piece of musical storytelling based on stories found in the Northumberland Archives – all to do with Northumberland’s connection to the final frontier, as the country’s darkest county.

The project takes place over 7 days, and is based at Woodhorn Museum. They also go on two exciting trips to help inform the creation of their performance piece.

They enjoy activities and experiments at the University of Newcastle, led by its resident astrophysicists, and visit The Sill, where they can see the formation of the land they call home, first hand.

Beginning the performance of the Northumberland Space Programme.

In partnership with

In partnership with Newcastle University, Woodhorn Museum, and Northumberland National Park