The Lamplighters

The Lamplighters is a project exploring the history of Blyth and its unique place on the Northumbrian coast.

The project is based in the Port of Blyth, and is inspired by LV 50 – one of the oldest surviving wooden light ships in the world. Lightships were ships that acted as lighthouses. Some parts of the coast are too deep or too dangerous to build lighthouses, so lightships were anchored out in these often treacherous areas of the sea instead.

Year 7 students from across Blyth spend four days in the port, including days aboard LV 50 itself, together with musicians, actors and archivists from the Parliamentary Archives.

They uncover stories from the history of LV 50 and the lives of the people who worked on the ship. They learn about Victorian attempts at conservation and environmental protection. And fast forwarding through time, students also consider their current relationship with their home town: what do we want to celebrate and protect in Blyth today?

The students’ explorations and experiences of the project combine to produce a live multi-media performance, which they present to school staff, family and friends at the end of their time at the Port of Blyth.