The Rigg & Furrow Project

From the landscaped gardens of Capheaton Hall to the rugged rigg and furrow found across the county, Northumbrians have always been connected with the ground beneath our feet.

We’ve built farms and communities, sown seeds and reared animals, and worked on, lived in and loved the land around us.

The Rigg & Furrow Project digs in to the Northumbrian soil, searching for stories from our history and ideas about sustainability that help ensure we take care of the land that takes care of us.

Over the course of the project, students from Ponteland High School work with musicians, artists, farmers and scientists, to unearth the ideas that form a performance which they share with their peers, in the beautiful setting of Capheaton Hall.

They explore fields and gardens from the wild to the walled, examine pond life and farm life, and use art and music to make the most of their experience of their beautiful surroundings, to capture that experience, and to share it with their audience.