Action Vibration Volume 1 – Northumberland Radical Fun Group + Joe Snape

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Action Vibration Volume 1 – Northumberland Radical Fun Group + Joe Snape


This record is called Action Vibration Volume One and is a live-only release that is part of the live performance of the same name, by Joe Snape + Northumberland Radical Fun Group, at Sage Gateshead on June 20th 2021. It includes two tracks that didn’t feature in the live show.

Half the proceeds from sales of this CD will go to Sage Gateshead’s Young Musicians Programme; the other half will support Hand Of’s work with children across the country.

Limited run of 60 copies // Please email for a download link.

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Action Vibration Volume 1 is a brand new work written by Joe Snape during his Sage Gateshead residency, for a new 12-piece ensemble: the Northumberland Radical Fun Group.

This record is part of the live performance of the same name, at Sage Gateshead on June 20th 2021.

That live performance, beginning with the four-to-the-floor thump of Riviera House tracks played to patients in a Greek intensive care unit and ending up with a south Birmingham birthday bacchanal at an oversized Chinese restaurant, is an hour-long paean to the music and people that make us who we are, in all our gory, complicated glory. Chronicling months of amnesia following a music lover’s catastrophic brain injury, Action Vibration walks a tightrope between a full-blown breakdown and a string of darkly dry one-liners. It is catharsis at its oddest.

The live performance of Action Vibration also followed the world premiere of a new film written, directed and produced by secondary pupils from three schools in North Tyneside, as part of our Home Adventures project, exploring strange stories from the region in surprising ways.

Joe Snape mixes conventional and homemade electronic instruments with light, text and video to make unusual and emotive performances. He grew up playing classical percussion in Birmingham Music Service in the Noughties, recording songs on the family computer and flogging hand-painted CD-Rs to other kids at school. The Quietus calls Joe’s music ‘goofy, melancholy, irreverent fun – very, very singularly itself’, and one time in The Guardian, Nico Muhly called it ‘organized, disorganized fun’.

Northumberland Radical Fun Group is a twelve-piece contemporary music big band founded in 2020 by Sage Gateshead artist-in-residence Joe Snape and friends. NRFG is dedicated to commissioning, performing and promoting ambitious, large-scale works of new music with adventurous approaches to crossing genres and scenes, actively fostering opportunities for sonic exploration and artist community building in the North East. Our players are a vibrant mix of professionals, passionate amateurs and promising students from musical traditions that include folk, hardcore, post-rock, jazz and classical, and they are of various ages from 14 to over 70. We are optimistic about our work together, musically omnivorous, and committed to making art we love with people we like. Want to join? Get in touch! Email or visit to find out more.