Primary Schools

Our primary education work is largely aimed at Year 6 students and focusses heavily on transition by bringing together students from many different primary schools within a local area.

Our primary projects are tailored to help participating schools enrich the support on offer for their vulnerable and/or disadvantaged students as they transition to secondary education. We offer projects which run for either one or two weeks and which take place both on and off school sites.

As well as delivering workshops with a core team of musicians and artists, we work in partnership with local archives, museums, Universities, libraries, and other sites of interest to deliver each project. This means we’re able to take participating students on exciting trips to places they may not normally have the chance to experience.

Where possible, Hand Of aims to provide financial support to schools in order to ensure our projects are as accessible as possible.

Contact us at if you would like to arrange a consultation meeting to talk about a project for your students.