Secondary Schools

Trying on artwork during the North Tyneside Sound Walk.

Within secondary education we work with Years 7 – 11, focussing on growing cultural and social capital, and boosting confidence and self esteem.

We offer short and long term projects (one week – one year) which take place on school sites and involve trips to various places and spaces of historic, cultural or social significance.

Over the course of each project, students work together with artists, musicians, theatre practitioners and other creative industry professionals to create a performance piece, film or sound walk, which explores stories from their local history, and how these stories are connected to our lives today.

The creative process is student-led and we develop these projects directly in relation to the needs, ideas and ambitions of participating students. Every aspect of the performance or sound walk is created by the students – whether that’s research, writing, rehearsing, creating, recording or promoting.

We work in partnership with local archives, museums, Universities, libraries, and other sites of interest to delivery the project. This means we’re able to take participating children on exciting trips to places where their learning can be further enriched and their horizons can be further stretched.

Where possible, Hand Of aims to provide financial support to schools in order to ensure our projects are as accessible as possible.

Contact us at if you would like to arrange a consultation meeting to talk about a project for your students.